Wheel Loader

1. Lubrication Solutions

  • Manual lubrication is a thing of the past – automated centralized lubrication systems are the modern solution. Why contend with the costs and uncertainties of manual lubrication when you can equip construction machinery with SKF centralized lubrication systems that ensure that these powerful machines perform at their best at all times? next….
  • Systems can service one machine, different zones on machines, or even several separate machines. Regardless of the application, the central pump station automatically delivers lubricant through a single supply line to the injectors. Each injector serves only one lubrication point and may be accurately adjusted to deliver the precise amount of grease or oil required.

– Easy to understand, install and maintain
– Powerful pump units for large-scale systems
– Injectors are externally adjustable for the correct amount of lubricant next….

2. Camera Solution
  • Shovels, excavators and dump trucks; these are only a few examples of complex machines where good vision is essential to allow the work to progress smoothly. But that is not always possible without the aid of additional equipment. Orlaco`s vision solutions improve operational effi ciency. And results in immediate economic benefits. next….

3. Worklight Solution

  • This worklight is made according IP66 . With this high quality the PowerXenon worklight can be used for many applications and in almost each environment: like heavy trucks, cranes, forestry cranes etc. The small design of the worklight makes it possible to mount it on almost any location. There are two types of housings 100×100 mm and a heavy duty Ø148 mm lamp housing. The Supro PowerXenon EXT worklamp is compact and universal mountable. As option extension cables are available, till a maximum of 15 meter mounting distance betweem the ballast and the lamp. This gives all freedom of mounting the ballast to any place that is wanted. next….

4. Fluid Solutions

  • The on-going development of “FAST FILL SYSTEMS” product range addresses these problems when servicing your diesel powered units. This on-going development of the “FAST FILL SYSTEMS” product range provides greater cost savings through:
    -Greater vehicle availability due to the elimination of contaminates entering the system
    -The reduction in filling time for diesel fuel and other fluids
    -Eliminate spillage next….

5. Fire Solutions

  • The Masteco® Fire Suppression System is designed to protect lives and heavy vehicles operating in on and off-road locations. Off-road equipment such as mining, construction, agricultural, forestry and other specialized engineering vehicles, are expensive, often custom-specified and very hard to replace. Typically this type of off-road machinery works 24/7, under demanding conditions, in difficult terrain and in very remote unpopulated areas. On-road vehicles such as heavy lorries, trucks, and buses providing public transportation services, also need an immediate fire suppression solution in order to protect public safety. next….